Saturday, February 28, 2009

The dirt on Tom Verenna

Responding to Tom Verenna's "Fighting Against the Slander" here.

[Contrary to Tom Verenna's claim, Frank Walton is not the author of this blogsite. But he supports it.]

Tom Verenna never had academic credibility in his life. Scoring poorly in high school, no college would accept him (that's right, he only has a high school degree). In an effort to save face, he made up a pseudonym ("Rook Hawkins") and joined the practically defunct and refuted atheist group "The Rational Response Squad" (it should be noted that the RRS has been responsible for numerous of rumors, like Richard Dawkins having a sexual affair with other women!). There, he proclaimed himself as a "critical historian" while lying about being backed by real scholars. Also, since he was sexually repressed as a teenager, he made up yet another title "the ladies man." As "the ladies man" he met a few girls on line, had sex with them, and wrote a number of pornographic articles. On top of it all, Verenna claimed he was a Gulf War veteran! As an army combatant, you'd expect him to engage in debates. He doesn't. He'll only debate on his own biased and unfair terms.

Having been found out as an academic fraud with absolutely no reputable credentials at all and writing a number of articles found to be plagiarized, Verenna no longer uses the name "Rook Hawkins" but uses his real name - Tom Verenna - hoping it would make him look more respectful. Indeed, Verenna is trying to erase his past as "Rook Hawkins" and the overwhelming embarrassment it has caused him.

Over all, he is trying to desperately look like an intelligent historian. But both atheists and Christians know that he is a fraud. For as long as he lives, Verenna will never be taken seriously as a "historian" let alone as a man with intelligence. To this day, many atheists who used to defend Tom Verenna, has had their own reputations tarnished because of him. As a result, skeptics and atheists alike have distanced themselves from him. Consequently, this makes anybody look stupid or desperate, if they're actually willing to use him as a source.

Tom Verenna's Facebook:


Tom Verenna's Email:

The following list is about Tom Verenna (just remember, he used the pseudonym "Rook Hawkins"):

Tom Verenna's Incompetence:

Verenna's stupidity is astounding. He has the inability to comprehend the material he reads as is evidence here and here and here and here.

Just recently, Tom Verenna was kicked out of the fellowship with The Jesus Project here!

Tom Verenna's Lies:

Verenna's name is downright synonymous with the word "dishonesty." He will stop at nothing to try to make himself look legitimate. Often he'd name other historians and claim they back him up (like Thomas L. Thompson, Eric Schumacher, etc.). THIS IS CLASSIC TOM VERENNA!!! Funny thing is, once contacted, the "scholars" and "historians" refuse to align themselves with Verenna! You can find evidence of Verenna's dishonest tactic here and here and here.

Also, Verenna lied about serving in Iraq! No joke! Despite his very young age, he has claimed to do tours in the Gulf War. Saying,

"You know how many friends I've lost in Iraq? You know why the fuck they're over there? Keeping the rest of my fucking friends alive, not because they want to masacre fucking children you dumb shit."


"This may have been true prior to combat. In fact I was gung-ho. But when you have people trying to KILL you on the other side of the fense, or the hill, or the desert plain, or the sand dune, your politics change pretty damn fast."

Tom Verenna made those statements in this forum <- However, he deleted it.

Tom Verenna's Plagiarism:

Verenna often writes and tries to make his material look like it came from an academic. The problem many of his material has been plagiarized! You can find evidence of that here.

Tom Verenna the Coward:

Verenna is a master at dodging debates. Usually, if he does "debate" someone it would be under his unfair and biased terms (for instance, he won't debate anybody on the radio unless he has at least 2 other people with him, like Brian J. Cutler and Kelly). Nevertheless, he is an intellectual pussy. If Verenna knows he cannot beat his opponent in a debate, he'll ad hominem and slander his challenger like what he did to JP Holding here; or he'll say that he did take up to his challenger's request to debate, then LIE and say the challenger never showed up to debate, like what he did to James White here and here. Verenna got so scared of Dr. White that he actually banned people from his website just by mentioning his name.

Tom Verenna the pervert:

Verenna is actually a terrible writer when he's not plagiarizing other people's works as evidence of that is here. And you can also read how Verenna asked someone to provide him with "cum" here.

Tom Verenna the fascist:

Tom Verenna said this of Frank Walton (after Walton found out about Verenna's plagiarism):

...let this be a reminder that this is what the [Rational Response Squad] is fighting for - to free minds and rid the world or [sic] irrational people like Frank Walton...
Rid the world? Would Verenna do some type of eugenics program on Frank Walton? Believe it or not, the Rational Response Squad (whom Tom Verenna was a member of) has told their listeners they would put people of religion in an asylum so they can be brainwashed to atheism. Read about that here and here and here. On the other hand, Verenna would rather wipe them off the face of the earth!

Tom Verenna the rip-off artist:

So, what does Brian J. Cutler and Tom Verenna do after they receive about $500 dollars for their organization from an immature atheist? Well, they first take the money from him, then they ban him from their website.

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